With La Bolsa o la Vida you will find different kinds of prints at your fingertips to create that perfect bag that suits your customer’s needs. Let us explain how customised tote bags can effectively help promote your business and how each type of print is different from the others.

Spot color

tintas planas


Screen printing is a traditional printing technique in which ink is transferred through a mesh stretched over a frame, commonly known as a screen. Through a chemical process, we block out those areas of the mesh that we do not want to print. The ink will only pass through the area that has your logo or design on it.

In screen printing, the most common method applied is spot colour in which solid colours are laid down in a single run without gradient or shading effects.

Halftone inks



But what if your artwork needs a gradient effect? No problem! We can suggest different alternatives, such as screen printing with halftone technique that simulates a gradient-like effect through the use of dots.

Four-color process

four-color process


The four-colour process is a printing system that involves printing lots of tiny single-colour dots to achieve a wide spectrum of printable colours. Although this process gives impeccable results in case of a photograph, it is important to note that printing on fabric will never yield the same results as on paper.

Metallic inks



Pearlescent inks create a vibrant shimmering effect with which you can highlight specific areas of your product’s artwork. Metallic inks are made with tiny particles of metallic pigments, such as bronze, copper and aluminium, which reflect light and give the product a brilliant lustre.

Fluorescent inks



Fluorescent inks add intense luminosity and fluorescence to the artwork so that your product draws even more attention.

Digital printing



Direct-to-garment printing is one of the most popular and accessible printing techniques. There is no limit when it comes to printing on textile. It is excellent for recreating complex, full-colour designs.

We also do roll-to-roll digital printing.