Here you can see the different materials and typologies of our customized bags that we sell and manufacture wholesale.

From standard cotton bags, economic cotton bags, organic cotton bags with GOTS certification, fair trade bags or other recycled materials such as PET bags, or non-woven bags.

And if the models we have in our catalog do not fit your needs, we can manufacture your custom fabric bag.

Create your custom fabric bag just the way your customer wants it, ask us and we will advise you throughout the process, from design to printing your bag.

Customized fabric bags

Cotton bags

Standard cotton

Cotton is a novel yet traditional option when it comes to incorporating sustainability into our daily consumption habits. Among the most outstanding characteristics of our bags, we find their long durability and resistance, thanks to the reinforcements of the handles and the finishing of the seams. All of this, combined with high quality and printing possibilities, makes the cotton bag a promotional gift of high ecological value.

Organic cotton bags

Organic cotton

We offer 100% organic cotton bags, with an official GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate, which indicates that the entire manufacturing process has been fully respectful of the environment, from the cotton collection to the bag's own making.

Fair trade bags

Fair Trade

Fair trade is an alternative form of trade promoted by various non-governmental organizations, by the United Nations and by political social movements such as pacifism and ecology, which promote a voluntary and fair trade relationship between producers and consumers. These fair trade cotton bags are certified as such.

Pet bags


PET is a plastic polymer produced from recycled plastic bottles. This makes it the ideal option if you are looking to combine strength and finish in a completely recycled bag, which is also 100% recyclable.

Non-woven bags


Non-woven bags are made of an environmentally friendly type of polypropylene. It is made from pollutant-free materials. It offers durability, weight resistance, impermeability and the ability to withstand up to 14 ink colors, all at a low cost, which makes non-woven bags an interesting option for combining advertising and environmental friendliness.

Custom bags

Custom bags

We are suppliers and manufacturers of made-to-measure bags, tailored to your needs. We offer the option of manufacturing domestically or importing and in materials such as laminated non-woven, raffia, cotton, natural fibers, nylon, jute or PET.