Cotton bags


When it comes to incorporating sustainability into our daily consumption behaviour, the use of cotton fabric proves to be as innovative as it is conventional. The reinforced handles and detailed seam finishing make our bags remarkably durable and sturdy. With customisable prints, these superior-quality cotton bags can be perfect as promotional gifts for environmentally conscious businesses.

Organic cotton bags

Organic cotton

We offer a wide range of bags made from 100% organic cotton with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification, which indicates that the entire manufacturing process has been completely ethical and respectful of the environment, from harvesting of the cotton up to the final product.

Fair trade bags

Fair trade

Fair trade is an alternative approach to conventional trade promoted by several non-governmental organisations, the United Nations and different social and political movements, such as pacifism and environmentalism. It is mainly designed to encourage solidarity and fairness in trade relations between producers and consumers.

Economy cotton bags

Economical cotton

Our new range of low-cost, lightweight bags are made with 100% cotton weighing 110 g/m², the material is extra soft to the touch and retains its natural texture.

Pet Bags


PET is a common thermoplastic polymer obtained from recycled plastic bottles. This is a great option when it comes to combining durability and finish in a fully recycled product which is also 100% recyclable.

Bamboo Bags


We also offer bags made from Bamboo cellulose, 100% Bamboo—a rapidly renewable and recyclable resource. A bamboo plant can grow up to 60 centimetres daily.

Non Woven Bags

Non Woven

The non-woven fabric is a type of polypropylene which is environmentally friendly. It is made from non-polluting materials. It offers excellent durability and strength, water-resistance and the capacity to withstand up to 14 impressions, with an added benefit of being low-cost. Hence, these non-woven bags are a great way to spread brand awareness while being environmentally conscious.

Nylon Bags


Nylon is an exceptionally strong and elastic fibre with high resilience to heat and chemicals. Due to its superior wear and abrasion resistance, this material does not age easily.

Bespoke manufacturing bags

Bespoke manufacturing

We design and manufacture bags to suit your specific requirements. You can either have your products manufactured in Spain or imported from other countries. We offer a wide variety of materials to choose from such as laminated non-woven fabric, raffia fibre, cotton, natural fibres, nylon, jute and PET.